Friday, February 12, 2016

Splatoon fan games suggestions

Suggest your Splatoon fan games here!
Make sure not to post something I've already played.

Check the playlist below to see everything I've tried so far.


The game must be clean and functional. If you plan on making one, try to keep it simple and don't overwhelm yourself.


  1. Are there any limitations on what you have to do to actually get to play the game? Like, for example downloading the NetBeans editor to start the game? Because I have made a Splatoon-y game for school and I can't figure out how to convert it to a .exe file ...

  2. Just post the link(s) for everything I need and I'll see what I can do.

    1. You download the NetBeans editor at
      During the installation, it will ask you to download and install the latest JDK (Java Development Kit). It will give you a link for that.
      I uploaded the game to my Google Drive, you can find it at
      Please extract everything first. I packed a readme which explains how to start the game.

      Now for the description:
      This game is called SPOON. It's a two-dimensional two-player paintball simulator. But, as opposed to SPLATOON, where you have to cover the map in your ink, in SPOON you have to uncover your map (which is an image you select at the start of the game together with your weapon). The game runs at 30fps and is supposed to end after 3min., but it counts the frames rather than the time, which makes it last longer when it lags. And lagging it does, sadly. The more of your map you uncover, the bigger the lag. But I hope you have fun anyways.

    2. I'm having a look at the code in NetBeans. I think the reason it is lagging so horrendously is that you're looping through each frame, saving it as an image, then rendering the image out. If you simply made a JPanel and drew directly onto that, it would be a LOT faster. I also compiled the game into a .JAR file, negating the need for NetBeans entirely. The link is Here:

      HAWKE: If you're curious, loading 2 different images will just overlap one on top of the other.

    3. I used double buffering drawing to render each frame. I think it would lag significantly less if I had the program to be run on the GPU, but I have no idea how. Also, I had no idea how to compile the NetBeans project into a .jar, but I later found out how easy it is. I am ashamed of my hardcore stupidity.

      I am right now working on porting the game to JavaScript (and making it better, of course), as the browser does all the optimizing for me.

  3. Splatoon 64-

    This is splatoon game I made with scratch. I'm sure It's better then your previous fan game in youtube.

  5. Winter Party Shooter
    3rd installment of my scratch shooters, first scratch game I made with multiple playable characters (3), the easiest to play probably being the inkling character. Fair warning: dummies are dangerous in large numbers.
    Progress: roughly 110%; game is finished and gained a third character a few months after release, may still get updated. Not the best of my games, but the most finished.

    Lost Hero's Awakening (Alpha 4)
    Very Zelda-like game with multiple playable characters, including 2 inklings that both get brushes. This game is going to be very big one day, and it features npc inklings who you can talk to (including an Easter egg character in room coords: (0,0).
    Progress: ??? < 10%, currently working on an update (Alpha 5) that adds 2 more characters to play as and hopefully the first dungeon.

    Keep an eye out for:
    Celestial Duo:
    2-player co-op game where one character is an inkling with solar magic.
    Can't release yet because I still need to make mirrors work, add enemies, and make the tutorial level.

    [Tile Pending]:
    Very new 2D side-scrolling shooter with plot and animation. Sadly, this game only comes with one playable character, but that's probably for the better on the side of simplicity.
    Can't release yet because I don't even have a finished title screen.

    1. Minor update:
      LHA alpha 5 has been released:

    2. I think I might wait a couple of months before trying to continue building on Lost Hero's Awakening because my current computer has trouble handling it (it's a 4 or 5 year old laptop), but I do have two games I could work on and possibly finish one of them in a couple of weeks. The one most likely to get finished soon is kind of just a compilation of card games, though the other game might share the same fate as Lost Hero's Awakening.

  6. A splatoon game is being made by my close friends and I, and we possibly release a debug/interim/demo or whatever.
    Just expect it coming.

  7. I don't know who made this but
    It's a Dynamo simulator, I don't know if this count as fan game or nah

  8. Here's my fan game! I was thinking about making a third, but I'm not sure. I hope you like it!

  9. Hey Hawke I this is not a suggestion, but I seen my friend or leader of my clan splat☆ink1 is in two of your vids. I'm Splat☆Ink3 and somehow I'm a semi-pro with the custom E-liter scope. I want to play with you and splat☆ink in your squad battles. I'm not a squidbagger. <3

    A mobile splatoon fangame you should check out-

    How to get through the Chinese account of the fan game-

    Also the fan game is not malicious

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  10. I don't have anything new now, but I would like to request that you have a second look at my last game (Lost Hero's Awakening - Alpha 5).
    This time, I will arm you with some tips:

    *With the exception for the tile linking the starting are to the Bamboo area, any tile that does not have any props on it does not currently exist.
    *Though the starting list does not show the name, you can play as Agent 3 (designed after Nintendo's depiction).
    *leaving the typing box blank when choosing a character will set you to hardcore mode, which disables your ability to get back on your feet after being KOed. You can only play as the default character in this mode, which means water is an instant gameover.
    *When you enter the eastern village area (marked by a cobbled road with stone lanterns), head north two tiles and you will find a Black Smith who give you the hammer. You must defeat the chest enemy before you can get the hammer.
    *The cobbles road mentioned above is 3 tiles North/South, the middle tie leading to/from the bamboo forest road. one tile East of this cobbled road for each tile are houses.
    *Of the three houses mentioned above, you found the "shop". The shop currently only "sells" Bombs, which will set your bomb count to 50% capacity if it is below that amount.
    *The glass barrier leads to the first dungeon.

    On top of that, I have a few things that I might finish (for once).
    A small shooting game where you want to get the high score.
    A collection of card games.
    A re-imagining/optimization of Lost Hero's Awakening.

  11. Hey Hawke, it's me again.

    I'm making a Splatoon fangame in GameMaker: Studio and I'd love to hear some feedback.
    (Unzip all files and run the .exe to play)

    I recommend playing it with an XBOX 360 / ONE controller because then the controls are like official Splatoon.

    I hope it doesn't lag because GameMaker doesn't handle 3D too well, but if you have a somewhat modern Graphics Card you should be fine.

    Lastly I recommend to record a blind playtrough because the game is mostly about discovery.

    Have fun!

    1. If you're still interested, there's now an updated version on GameJolt:

  12. Neither of these are really Splatoon, or even fan games, but I'd still highly appreciate if you tried the following scratch games out:

    Firstly is Memory Flames, a game I have spent some time on (that is now mostly finish, except for music and a few other touches).
    This game will be presented for an upcoming FBLA competition.

    This other game is really just a single boss fight with three phases

    Feed back as soon as possible is highly appreciated, especially since it will be coming from someone for who I will not be there to personally guide during the playing of my games.

  13. pongan un tutorial de como descargarlo e instalarlo pls

  14. Hey, if you still look on here every now and then for new posts to do videos on, I have some things that you might be interested in looking at (not necessarily Splatoon related) here
    Hopefully you'll notice improvements since the two games that you have looked at, considering that they're both very early projects.
    If you want my recommendation, I'd probably say that I take the most pride in Memory Flames, due to it actually being (mostly) completed, and that it's an original work.
    I would be careful about playing on Hard difficulty, though, since continues don't exist until the final boss and the enemies do triple damage on that difficulty.

    And to avoid lag with any of these, I would recommend finding and using the Scratch 2.0 offline editor so that you're using something stronger than your browser for processing power.