Monday, November 11, 2013

My Little Bloopers: Mistakes are Forever! Season 3 Set Freeze Frames

That's right, it's finally out. Just in time for season 4, too.

Here are the freeze frames, if any of you are interested.

They're a little simplistic, but easy on the eyes.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Pony Poki Panic

Another sprite hack from Herooftime1000, this time of Super Mario Bros 2 (USA)...which itself is a sprite hack of a Japan-only game called Doki Doki Panic!
(Hence the title)

Well, there are some changes to the gameplay in SMB2, but they're mostly bug fixes and the removal of a rather annoying requirement to beat the game.

In this playthrough, I beat the game. Nothing more, nothing less. Of course, I underestimate how tricky this game is at times, so there are several instances of game over that I hadn't planned for.

Playlist over here.

While if you want to download this game yourself, go here.

Here's the first video to get you all started.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Super Fluttershy Land 2

A sprite hack of Super Mario Land 2 by herooftime1000.

This playthrough involves me getting all exits, and making comparisons between old sprites and the new ones.

For more information on this hack, go to herooftime1000's release video.

Go here to find my playlist.

In the mean time, here's the first video to get you all started.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sell-Out Sunday! (Old)

Sell-Out Sunday is the day I play any game YOU want, provided I can play it on PC. Console games may be considered later, albeit likely with limitations.
Note that free games are considered before any priced ones, especially those that cost over 5$. If I "skip" your suggestion, it is usually because of that, although it could also be because I couldn't get the game to work.

You can suggest more games every day, but keep in mind that I will only check for new ones on Sunday.

Also, PLEASE INCLUDE A LINK TO THE GAME, preferably a homepage link. Download links are fine too, but if you send me one that flags my anti-virus, I'm probably going to be ignoring your suggestion.

Sell-Out Sunday is now on hiatus! So no more requests will be accepted for the time being.

It will be rebooted sometime later with the current unplayed requests first on the new list. Until then, feel  free to watch the older episodes.

Completed requests:

  1. SuperHOT          
  2. My Little Pony - High School Dash
  3. Winterbells          
  4. Dungeon Keeper 1/2
  5. Slender: The eight pages          
  6. I wanna be the Boshy
  7. League of Legends         
  8. I wanna be the Guy
  9. Happy Wheels #3          
  10. Knightmare Tower
  11. Distraction          
  12. Super Mario 63
  13. Don't Starve          
  14. Probably Archery
  15. Pony Creator & Bloons Super Monkey 2          
  16. Neverending Light
  17. Tiny Dangerous Dungeons          
  18. Accelerator
  19. Orbit          
  20. TrackRacing Online
  21. Super Smash Flash 2          
  22. Pause Ahead
  23. Gang Garrison 2          
  24. Toribash
  25. Bullet Heaven          
  26. Meat Boy
  27. I Wanna Be Like Brisulph
  28. Attack on Titan Tribute Game
  29. N: The Way of the Ninja
  30. Can Your Pet?
  31. Super Mario Bros Crossover
  32. Doom, The Roguelike
  33. Brawl Royale
  34. Super PSTWARPG
  35. Abobo's Big Adventure
  36. You only live once
  37. One chance
  38. Eggman Hates Furries
  39. Bonesaw: The Game
  40. Horse Game
  41. Dungeon Nightmares
  42. Pizza Wizard+
  43. You are Disabled
  44. 99 Rooms
Skipped requests:
  • Outlast
  • Deadly Premonition
  • Zepp's Dreamland (Flagged my anti-virus)