Saturday, June 14, 2014

Whitehawke's major polls

This page is for my major polls that last over several days or even weeks. Normally I do polls for the very next video, but in cases where it has to be over several, I will use this page to keep track of the votes easily.

 Poll #1: Which game should I play after Pikmin 1?
Results: 1. Dungeon Keeper 1 2. Sonic Lost World 3. Deus Ex: Human Revolution 4. Tomb Raider 1

Poll #2: Which game should I play after Elements of Harmony?
Results: 1. Pikmin 2 2. Deus Ex: Human Revolution 3. Sonic: Lost World

Poll #3: Which game should I LP after (the MasterMax series)?
Results: 1. Super Mario RPG Revolution 2. Clock Tower (Super Famicom) 3. Alien: Isolation


  1. Poll #1: 1. - ALWAYS pick Dungeon Keeper, ALWAYS! I suggest a series, DK1, DK2 and War for the Overworld (which is DK in all but name)
    Poll #2: 3. Sonic Lost World sounds fun
    Poll #3: 2. I want to see Clock Tower, never saw it before, sounds awesome!

  2. My level is called Infinite Impossibilities, it is by Troy, the ID is 4864-0000-01A0-2035

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  5. Check out my first troll level and give me feedback thank you: C6CD-0000-0259-0BDE

  6. My first submission!
    A troll puzzley level. But no hidden traps - there is always a way out!

  7. Hey Hawke! First off, congrats getting S+! U deserve that rank! And second, I would love to see u play my new MM level based on Captain Toad. And also, if u find the secret pipe, you're gonna have a bad time! :3 ID: DF93-0000-028C-0C59