Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 2 Animation mistakes list

Here, I store my notepad files of each episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic's animation mistakes. Keep in mind that the time stamps are based on my own upload, and therefore may not reflect accurately on your own video. Due to the immense size of these lists, I've decided to upload the files into my MediaFire account. Follow the link for the episode's current mistake list. Note that due to this, I will not be updating these lists as often.

The process I use to find these mistakes is simple: I open the episode with Quicktime and simply view it frame-by-frame. Every mistake I find gets a time stamp, followed by a description of the mistake. Please note that time stamps with a star before them is NOT a mistake, but just a point of interest I wanted to keep in mind, such as an easter egg.

I occasionally upload a My Little Bloopers video on my youtube account to point out the major mistakes. The smaller and more common ones are left here.

That being said, I'm not perfect: if you know of any mistakes I may have missed, then comment on it here!


  1. Episode 4 - 14:34, 15:08, 15:17 look like animator forgot to remove pre-makeover hair. (I didn't catch it, don't credit me)

    I'll look for errors later.
    (By the way, I PM'd you a few Season 1 errors that you didn't catch. Dunno if you read it.)

  2. I meant I PM'd you on your youtube account.. *facehoof*

    Episode 2 - 7:18 - Twilight horn glowing but seem not doing any magic.

    Sorry, I'll come back for more.

  3. I notice your timing is different from mine, could be give or take a few seconds to find these errors I'm seeing. The Video for these timing I'm using is 720p version from

    Episode 3:

    2:01 - 13 cupcakes, 2:15 - 10 cupcakes, 2:19 - 13, 3:21 - 10, 3:45 - 13
    14:06 - Wings on Scootaloo's flank?
    16:06 - Layer issue, Twilight hoof went thru bucket handle for 1 frame.
    17:10 - Yellow pony with purple mane/tail overlapping blue pony, layer issue.
    20:40 - Twilight pink part of hair turn red?


    Episode 4:
    This episode really difficult for me to find any error.

    17:40 - When Pinkie Pie collide with Twilight and then spinning, one of frame showing twilight's arm sticking out of Pinkie Pie's face.

  4. @ventuz Thanks for the comments! I've added most of your listed mistakes, except the following:

    "Episode 2 - 7:18 - Twilight horn glowing but seem not doing any magic."

    She's most likely trying to wrestle the book away from Rarity using her own magic.

    "20:40 - Twilight pink part of hair turn red?"

    This one is much too difficult to tell/prove due to lighting.
    I'll be sure to credit you for the upcoming Volume 7 of My Little Bloopers.

    My episode has -3 seconds of delay compared to yours, by the way.

  5. Episode 3 - 13:53 There's black line in sky near cloud, eventually became white... animator left a hole in background?

  6. ^ oops found more, you can see that same hole in sky at 13:59 too.

    Episode 3
    13:55 - it look like hill in background disconnected from ground.
    14:00 - there's... something right above Scootaloo, I don't know what is it but animator error.

  7. I can't seem to find the mistakes you've just listed. Perhaps sending me picture with them may help me.

    That being said, background errors are very low on my list of priority. They're not the shows' forte, and if I was nit picky I could say a lot about most of them, but for the most part I ignore the minor or inconspicuous BG mistakes.

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  9. Okay, ventuz, I have to be frank: those are WAYYYYYYY too nitpicky. I'm not sure what to make of them.

    Moreover, the fact that they require a picture on a specific set of frames WITH a red circle to point them out is absolutely dreadful.

    For the 13:55 error, that could be how the BG is supposed to work.

    For the 14:00 error, it could be a tree or something.

    For the little black lines appearing out of nowhere, I think this has more to do with the broadcasting or some exporting mistake: either way, I CANNOT list these down, because having the master list point out: "3 pixel black line appearing out of nowhere on inconspicuous spot on the 1080p" as a mistake teaches us absolutely nothing and has no entertainment value either.

    That being said, I appreciate the help anyway.
    Moreover, if you can explain why these mistakes happen without a doubt, I may change my mind about listing them.

  10. On episode 3 when Big Macintosh when he saids "Nope!" When his about the run his cutie mark goes over his flank I did mail you about this.

  11. ^ yeah I see it too.

    Sorry I deleted previous comment, wasn't sure if you already caught error before me or just listed it after my comment. It's there so I deleted.

    I have at least 9 errors found for Episode 5. I don't wanna spoil it for you, I'll list them when you're ready.

  12. Ventuz, I watch episodes as soon as they air, so feel free to list all mistakes as soon as you can.

    Also, I stealth-edit the mistakes in after reading your posts, so don't expect me to respond with "I added your findings" every time.

    Finally, I will start up on Volume 7 of My Little Bloopers soon.

  13. Episode 5:
    Timing at

    2:32 - look above window, no clock... 3:50, now there's clock. I doubt that Rarity put it there during the clean up.

    4:42 - box disappear.

    6:40 - look at color pile order, yellow first, blue last. Mirrored @ 6:56, normal @ 7:33, mirrored @ 8:19, normal @ 8:26, mirrored @ 9:10, normal @ 10:47.

    8:28 - look at number of rolls in background, it changed at 8:45.

    11:35 - As soon as screen switch to Applebloom, she had extra leg for a few frames.

    17:22 - Applebloom wearing bandana again? I thought that was given to Sweetie Belle.

    17:45 - "Berry Punch" forgot her shirt LOL, oh wait, suddenly her cutie mark switched to carrot?

    17:46 - This "Cloud Kicker" forgot her arm bandana. Remembered it at 17:56. Forgot it again at 18:02, filly also forgot it. Still forgetting it at 18:35. Filly remembered it at 18:42.

    18:51 - When they broke eggs, you can see hole in sky.

  14. 6:40 - See 2 folded yellow cloth on desk here. 8:12, 2 folded blue cloth, Rarity take 1 off. 8:25, now it's 2 folded yellow cloth.

    9:19 - Big MacIntosh gets stars around cutie mark back? Only this scene, he lost it again later.

    10:01 - Did Applejack's cutie mark gotten so tiny? Not sure if it's error.

  15. Invalid stuff:
    Applebloom's extra legs - Probably an animation trick. It's just poorly done.

    AJ's small cutie mark - Cutie marks constantly vary in size. Too common.

    2-folded yellow cloth happens before a cutscene transition, therefore it's entirely justified for Rarity to have changed them by then. The rest of this mistake and all the other ones are valid.

  16. I took a look at your episode 5 list. You forgot to add "cutie mark" error at 17:45? The same pony that forgot her shirt.

  17. Woops, fixed it.

    I'm only updating once a week from now on, though.

  18. Found more mistake, I'll use timing from 720p video off ponyarchive.

    Episode 5:

    12:56 - "body form" is there, 13:06 it's gone, 13:15 it's back

    15:58 - Applejack derp before she blink

    16:08 - LOL what is "Cloud Kicker" and her lil sister doing? Animator forgot to put barrel there.

    16:37 - That's not how flag works!

    17:00 - Filly in shirt has horn?

    18:35 - grape juice jar almost full, 18:37 - half

    Are you looking for more mistakes from Episode 1 and 2? I'm wonder because you have these on Volume 6.

  19. Mistakes from episodes that I've already covered may be added if they are major enough, but the only chance they'll get to be in a video is if they are good enough for the season set. After their corresponding season set, they are pretty much stuck with these notepad lists.

    So no, I'm not actually looking for mistakes in episode 1 and 2 as much as I am for episodes I haven't covered in a blooper vid yet. Feel free to post them up anyway, though.

  20. Also, AJ's derping eyes are far too inconsequential to be considered while Pina Colada getting a horn can be handwaved because of BG pony cloning.

    Everything else is valid and will be updated sometime in the weekend.

  21. At 17:58 on the Hub rip (just before Granny Smith jabs her eye on the megaphone), there is a red spot on her eye.

  22. By the way, that was for episode 5.

  23. Timing based on this video:

    0:02 - 2 seconds flat, missing eyelash

    0:26 - missing eyelash again

    1:21 - missing eyelash again

    8:10 - Cutie mark fell out of flank for 1 frame (also eyes mess up)

    8:30 - Snails waving leg looks awkward

    8:32 - Twist blank-flank

    9:32 - Twist blank-flank again

    18:42 - Where's your hat AJ?

    19:46 - Twilight horn looks very off from center.

    Wow, after I found these errors, I can't find anymore errors after watching it 3 more times.

  24. Episode 7:

    1:52 - Rarity pop into screen very quickly
    *7:00 - not error, Derpy pop out of chicken coop
    8:53 - Duck overlapping Rainbow Dash (saw this error on first time seeing this episode)
    13:05 - When Rarity blink, you can see mane clipping thru face.
    13:22 - Whistle mess up. (also blank flank for 1 frame after that)

  25. 11:09 - Hummingbird photo, Rainbow Dash cutie mark color in wrong order (I didn't catch it, Anon on ponychan did)
    17:54 - Twilight mane behind bird (I didn't catch it, someone commented on youtube)

  26. Episode 7:
    (Using the same one as ventuz)
    At 19:27 the falcon is on Rainbow Dash's back but at 19:33 it's missing. It's back on her back at 19:37.

  27. Here are some more animation mistakes:

    *At 02:38, when Pinkie Pie nods Fluttershy's head in agreement, her right arm isn't connected to her body. --CollectableMinifig4Scientist 02:40, November 18, 2011 (UTC)

    *At 08:53, when Rainbow Dash demonstrates guts to the animals, the brown duck overlaps her despite being behind her. Maximillion93 19:00, November 19, 2011 (UTC)

    *At 19:52, when Pinkie is hopping around excidedly, she refers Rainbow Dash as a "he".
    --CollectableMinifig4Scientist 20:44, November 19, 2011 (UTC)

  28. Also, another one found by Wikia user YWNK, when the bat gets blown back at the windy cave, it loses its wing membranes at around 14:44.

  29. Thanks for all the responses. Added episode 7's txt file.

  30. 2:59 - no wings (I didn't catch, user name Soy on ponychan did)

    You didn't add 11:09 and 17:54 errors to list?

  31. 2:59 - I also noticed her cutie mark is mirrored.

  32. Mirrored cutie marks fall under the "too common/mundane" clause. Manes are reversed all the time, which is why I ignore them - same thing with reversed cutie marks.

    2:59 - I ignored this one because it qualifies as a discretion shot, especially when I studied the action she does to get into the pose.

    11:04 - Dash's cutie mark appears to be (poorly) redrawn for every frame, and if I was to start counting "slightly off-model" mistakes the lists would at least triple in size.

    17:54 - I forgot this one, because I was looking at Owlowliscious instead of the falcon.

  33. Episode 5 - 4:42 - Rarity hair cut off for a few frames.

    Episode 6 - 15:01 and 15:10 - Apple Bloom mysteriously has 4th cutie mark (French speaking cutie mark) before it supposed to appear.

  34. Anon on ponychan brought this up.
    Episode 3 - ~2:47 - right before Twilight close cupcake box, cupcake has rainbow frosting color.

  35. Series 1 episode 4, 4:22 Rarity's front and back mane are not connected
    Yay! The only mistake that I noticed!

  36. For Eps 4 : When Luna yelled at Fluttershy to give her lessons, and when FS said Okay she lost her neck twice

  37. Episode 7 - Around 4:48, when Fluttershy fly behind RD. Her wings desync. (I didn't catch it, anon on 4chan did)

  38. Episode 8:

    3:13 - Some ponies on screen have blank flank.
    4:50 - Blank flanks.
    10:08 - RD missing bottom half mane.
    10:35 - 2 of these ponies running by are blank flank.
    11:18 - Left statue ears cut off.
    17:27 - What did they do to Scootaloo's mane?
    17:51 - Lyra, Colgate, Sparkler (ponies standing up with face up), face tumor? unsure if they're animator error.
    21:17 - Pinkie Pie's mane clipping thru leg.

    I can't go on hunting for more errors anymore, this episode is lame.

  39. Updated.

    Ventuz, please keep your opinion of the episodes to yourself.

  40. Sorry, I didn't meant to put my opinion here. I was trying to say reason why I'm probably not going to get anymore errors for episode #8 posted here.

    2 errors (via mlp.wikia). 1: When RD meet masked mare at construction site, RD wing is backward. 2: 17:52 - nopony is holding the "Mare Do Well" sign on left.

  41. Oh wow. Just... Just, LOL! XD
    Even your NOTES are F'ing hilarious!
    I seriously cannot wait for the next episode.
    [of course i don't want to rush genius either. ;D]

  42. I'm using different videos so timing is probably +2 or +3 seconds different from yours.

    Episode 5:
    6:38 - "Design" papers on pin board, 7:29 and later - they're gone.
    10:51 - Rarity put blue cloth on far right pony mannequin, then it's gone right after Rarity opens drawer.

    Episode 8:
    1:02 - Lower left corner, Filly has poorly placed tail. (a little too nickpicking?)
    3:26 - Pony with tornado cutie mark has extra ear, overlapping eye.
    6:15 - 4th Filly with RD for photo (and 6:22) they lost wings? or different pony? At 6:36, seem to get her wings back.
    6:04, 6:42 - Snips' shirt missing RD face on heart logo.
    6:42 - RD signing autograph, Filly was holding memo book on her HOOF, then in next screen, suddenly it is in Filly's mouth.
    6:38~7:20 - megaphone on hot air balloon reposition itself several times.
    7:07 - hot air balloon missing star symbol.
    8:26 - Brown pony supposed to be sitting in the back of cart.
    9:33 - Just when RD dodge falling sink, 2 cutie marks.
    11:54 - RD tail missing green color.
    12:12, 13:02 - RD has no wings.
    16:38 - RD sit-up, her wing looks mirrored. Not sure if error or not.
    18:02 - Face that was on banner that MMWD broke thru is gone.
    19:06 - RD remove Pinkie Pie's mask and throw it on ground. 19:26 and later, Pinkie Pie's mask is right on her back.

  43. During the scene with Twilight, the cutie mark crusaders, and the doll, her horn goes from glowing, to not glowing, to glowing, and not glowing multiple times although the toy is still glowing as if she was using magic on it.

  44. Ep9

    0:44 - Single swing door. Next screen, Celestia walking pass luggage pony, door is double swing type.
    0:56 - Luggage pony collapse on solid floor, cushion foot rest roll down on solid floor too. Next screen, both pony and cushion foot rest are on rug.
    1:00 - Single swing door again.
    9:05 - Where did design paper go?
    *10:00 - Rarity and other ponies on airship, 10:15 launching airship (is it supposed to be other way around? or is it 2nd airship?)
    13:36 - Ponies coming in thru wrong door.
    13:46 - Twilight talking about dress, look on desk, there was supposed to be 4 papers, 2 or 3 of scenes showing only 1 paper.

    Something to note, Rarity room layout totally lost me, I was having trouble trying to make quick sketch of her room. BUT I think her room has 4 doors. Door #1 (entry door, double swing) at 0:11. Door #2 (Another outdoor door, single swing) at 0:35, it's next to dress design desk. Door #3 (closet / shower, single swing) at 5:35. Door #4 (mystery door! or animator error door, double swing) at 12:34 behind Rarity.

  45. I forgot to add, I used this video for above timing:

  46. Updated Episode 5, 8 and 9 txt files.

  47. Episode 2 - about 9:45 - Pinkie Pie wearing Fluttershy's necklace?

  48. Updated episode 3 and 10 txt files.

    Ventuz, I'm certain I already got that mistake.

    Also, I've decided to wait until next episode before finishing up volume 8 of My Little Bloopers, because then there will be a 3 week wait until the next episode.

  49. Updated episode 10 and 11 txt files.

    Yikes, the last 3 episodes have given me little content to exploit compared to episode 7 and 8. Still, expect Bloopers Vol 8 next week.

    Happy Holidays as well.

  50. I've been extremely busy at work. As usual, about 3 or 4 seconds off from your timing, list of errors, but nothing major:

    0:35, Twilight remove blue book from shelf, then it's back on shelf when she drop all books.
    7:56, when spike moving his claws, watch Junebug's eye, it blinked with other color.
    7:59, look at Junebug's leg at top when she's walking pass Spike.
    9:41, just when Spike say "I went to talk to...", purple part of Twilight's mane grow then shrink.
    10:02, book switched side.
    *10:16, you can see harmony stone from season 1, 2nd episode here.
    13:25, Spike had extra claw for 2~4 frames just when he step into twilight library.
    13:27, when Spike trying get thru doorway, his eye turned green for 1~2 frames.
    16:30, blue pony bump into pink pony, she get's horn appear on her head for 1~2 frames.
    19:13, Spike flashback, he put fire ruby point down, at beginning he put it pointing up.

  51. Err, above list is for EPISODE 10. Secret of My Excess.

  52. Episode 11:

    20:54 - pony with dolphin cutie mark in poor cloth is missing lower part of mane.

    ... I got nothing else.

  53. More Episode 11 errors:

    13:08 - Pinkie Pie's leg clipping thru her dress.
    18:03, 19:19 - Pinkie Pie was frozen with mouth closed, 18:03 mouth is open, 19:19 mouth is closed.
    18:56, 19:31 - Rainbow Dash was frozen with wings open, at these time Rainbow Dash wings are closed. RD also unfroze with jaw open at 19:31.
    20:21 - Spike cloth disappeared LOL.

  54. Updated episode 8 to 11 txt files.

  55. episode 11
    0:39 - when train just left, somehow Fluttershy animation reset or something.

  56. Added episode 12 txt file and updated episode 11 txt file.

  57. Here are some more errors for episode 12 from

    *When Filthy Rich first appears at Sweet Apple Acres, his cutie mark extends off his body. --Kinrah 19:18, January 7, 2012 (UTC)
    *During an outside shot of the Cutie Mark Crusader's treehouse, the room on top of the tree with the telescope clearly has a ramp that comes down at the back of the main treehouse, yet inside, the ponies access it via a ladder. --Kinrah 18:52, January 7, 2012 (UTC)
    *Granny Smith's map of Equestria displays Ponyville in the centre, with Sweet Apple Acres clearly marked to its west, which matches to long shots of the town, such as in the introduction. However, the Everfree Forest is also clearly marked to the southeast, which is impossible if Sweet Apple Acres is next to it. --Kinrah 18:27, January 7, 2012 (UTC)
    *When Cheerilee goes over to Sweet Apple Acres, her cutie mark changes to three umbrellas.
    *When the fillies leave the classroom for the weekend, Diamond Tiara`s Cutie Mark is missing

  58. episode 12 - youtube timing

    4:31 - Granny Smith biting on saucepan and left her mouthpiece, it was in middle of 2 other saucepans, next scene, it was teleported into corner.
    4:31 - Applebloom's saddlebag changed.
    6:20 - When Cheerilee return to desk and turning, 1 or 2 frames she had umbrella cutie mark.
    6:20 - Books on Cheerilee desk, 6:35 books are gone, 6:51 now books are back on her desk.
    6:37, 6:56 - There was supposed to be 4 empty desk in the back of room, they're gone here.
    *6:44 - not sure if error or not, fat colt in background suddenly move face and open mouth.
    6:51, 20:03 - Cheerilee is missing light color strip on her top half mane.
    7:00 - Pictures on wall swapped place.
    13:50 - Applebloom toss a single saddlebag in air... when it landed on Granny Smith, it became 2 saddlebags.
    14:58 - Cheerilee has wrong tail on from before.
    18:03 - Smith missing neck bandana.
    19:56 - BG filly unicorn blank flank.

  59. episode 13 - youtube timing

    6:40 - no diapers
    16:22, 18:04 - rings design changed on toy box
    8:20, 8:34 - cup of water magically appear there
    12:57 - picture on wall, white mane, white tail \\ 20:47 - red mane, white tail.

    wow they're getting good at not making any more mistakes.

  60. Updated episode 12 txt and added episode 13 txt.

    Episode 13 was really clean, although it's probably due to the low amount of characters needed to animate this time around.

  61. some more for episode 13..

    4:20 - Pumpkin Cake ran by didn't have diaper on.
    4:59 - When Cup Cake start walking, Pumpkin Cake had extra limbs sticking out of baby carrier.
    5:20 - Pumpkin and Pound swapped place in baby carriers.
    19:16 - toy box already opened, it was supposed to be locked with toys.
    19:42 - human and moon drawing on one wall, blank on other \\ 19:51 now 3 new drawing on other wall, it happened multiple times.
    5:30, 5:59, 20:56 - bowtie not around neck.

  62. episode 13, around 19:53, when Pinkie is crying, blank flank.

    episode 5, around 7:23, when Rarity saying "Happy?.. Happy?!", red rug, was supposed to be under bed, isn't there.

  63. On Baby Cakes (Youtube timing)
    11:56 one of the handles on the tub for the water is missing, same in some other shots.
    And on the same episode (this one is a bit nitpicky though)
    At 15:52 Pinkie's cutie mark is overlapping the outline of her flank.

  64. And on heats warming eve, when they are riding the train, the second part of their manes are short (It's easier to tell Rainbow Dash's is)

  65. 8 - itune timing
    0:26 - square shape appeared on "Alula's" eye.

    10 - itune timing
    2:32 - gembox slot flip upsidedown.

    13 - itune timing
    16:58 - toybox closed, 17:05 - toybox opened.
    18:53 - toybox supposed to be chained up.

    14 - youtube timing
    5:07-5:08 - fluttershy's body mess up
    10:58 - notice boxes has 2 color lines, after that scene, 2nd color line is gone
    11:11 - red cherry box has yellow color line at top?
    11:32 - where is fluttershy's mane?
    14:50 - blank flank
    15:53 - fluttershy's missing tail here, i think...
    16:26 - blank flanks (permanently)
    18:47 - so that the belt on the back right side wasn't connected to cart the whole time?

  66. Updated episode 10 and 13's txt files and added episode 14's txt file.

    Episode 5 and 8's recently suggested mistakes are far too minor for me to count.

    Moreover, Ventuz, what do you speak of with the mistake at 18:47 of episode 14?

  67. here

  68. haha I didn't noticed until now, that picture also has AJ's mane messed up.

  69. Opening sequence where AJ is running, Freckles are missing, if only for a moment. Also, shouldn't we be able to see them on the front view?

    Why is Apple fritter in canterlot during the pack up scene, when she was at the party back in ponyville?

    Near the end, where Rainbow's telling AJ she's not a failure, her right wing is, to be quite blunt, moving very strangely. I didn't think you could get a wing under a foreleg like that.

    The team pulling AJ's carriage are all blank flanks.

    Rainbow and fluttershy's wings were pinned by the way they were hitched up, yet they flew over the train.

  70. Hi, it's Pakachoo.
    Okay so.
    (Youtube timing)
    11:40- RD's top part of mane is missing same in some other shots
    13:20- Look at what she is mopping, it has cherries around the mop at 13:28 no cherries
    14:22- I don't know about this but her cutie mark seems a bit too small
    14:51- AJ blank flank
    16:04- AJ is missing the color in her left eye (my left)
    16:23- The ponies in the background... BLANK FLANK
    16:39- Okay keep this one in mind. Their wings are pinned. Watch for the other asterisk*
    17:33- FS and RD have no wings
    17:50- Pinkie's tail is swaying outside the cart in the wrong direction, against the wind. But then at 18:06 suddenly she's standing up and her tail is flowing in the other direction, with the wind.
    18:09- when pinkie jumps, blank flank
    18:11- Now Pinkie's cutie marks are on her back.
    18:24- AJ has a blank flank
    18:32- Earlier Aj was sitting on top of the cart, but now she's sitting inside
    18:49- The little barriers that make sure you don't walk on the rail road while trains are coming by disappeared.
    18:57- * about the wings being pinned, they aren't anymore. They can suddenly get their wings out, no problem.
    19:18- RD's wings are out, 19:21- wings are closed
    19:21- 9 ribbons, 19:44- 11 ribbons
    20:09- RD's green is missing from her mane
    21:15- Rarity has hairs sticking up but at 21:18 when she turns, they disappear.

  71. episode 15 -- youtube timing
    02:57 - Cheerilee with red eyes (did they meant to put in Berry Punch?)
    06:04 - before Flim-Flam Bro knee down, cutie mark swapped each other.
    17:27 - buttons has changed, different from what was seen from before (7:46 for example)
    17:37 - green light lighting up on left bulb?
    19:39 - Heartstrings has green teeth
    19:44 - blank flank

  72. Updated episode 14 txt file and added episode 15 txt file.

  73. Episode 11 - itune timing
    11:57 -> 11:59 - When Pinkie turn her face, map changed.. it "looks" mirrored, but it's different, it has extra trees.

  74. Updated episode 11 txt file and added episode 16 txt.

  75. Episode 16 - youtube timing
    2:14 - Fluttershy is missing her wing.
    10:02 - Hat missing black line part.
    10:28 - mouse picture mirrored (all of them were facing left)
    10:48 - WHOLE maze pictures mirrored.
    13:15 - Daring-Do is missing her cutie mark.
    15:22 / 15:26 - look between these 2 times, wall are different and no pink picture
    19:24 - Book cover is mirrored.
    20:54 - I think Daring-Do is missing her wing.

  76. also..
    1:30 broken bone at top, 1:32 broken bone at bottom.. doctor switched it upside-down?

  77. 10:12 - whole maze pictures mirrored

  78. sorry I thought I wouldn't find anymore error after i post something.. but i kept finding more.
    19:41 - Spike's missing spikes on the back of his head. ಠ_ಠ

  79. Youtube Timing
    Sound/Animation problem
    The Last Roundup
    Right after Fluttershy folds her wings, she freezes while you can hear Fluttershy breathing heavily. Her body moves just after you can stop hearing her and Applejack makes a run for it.

    Read it and Weep it
    7:43 - Her mouth doesn't fit with the ''Uuuggghh'' /vice-versa
    Her mouth matches more with something like ''Oh brother, What now? Now what?''
    13:37 Applejack's mouth stops before she finishes her sentence.

    btw when is Vol. 9 coming?

  80. Episode 17 - itune timing
    *0:44 - Scootaloo makes ಠ_ಠ face
    *3:32 - Scootablu is seen here
    4:00 - not tall enough to hide his blank flank
    6:12 - hammer head is upside down?
    6:16 -> 6:21 - hammer teleported into toolbox
    8:13 - book cover is upside-down
    15:11 - Scootaloo missing botom half of mane?
    15:50 - Scootaloo missing wings and has Applebloom Eyes

  81. Updated episode 14 and 16 txt files. Added episode 17 txt file. Note that due to the leak, I got an Itune version of the episode first, but re-did a small check with the broadcast version today, so this txt file has 2 timings for now.

  82. Episode 13 - YouTube timing
    8:36 curtian in background pinned to wall
    8:59 curtian pinned to plank
    8:59 broom falls behind wall?

  83. Tree house used to have ramp up to telescope room back from episode 12 (Family Appreciation Day) then episode 17 at 0:05 tree house didn't have ramp to telescope room and then it reappear at 8:32.

  84. I noticed a small but noticeable blooper.

    In the Episode Hearts and Hooves Day, When Cheerilee and Big Mac after Big Mac says "You're my Hearty Smarty Smoochy Woochy Baby Wayby!" Notice the Glass next to Cheerilee after Apple Bloom comes in and waves her hand in front of Big Mac, moves lower and towards the vase.
    The Placement, Before - 11:43, After - 11:48

    It's Minor but it's noticeable.

  85. Re-updated 17's txt file with only the broadcast timing.
    Added episode 18 txt file.

    Kurue, those mistakes are far too easy to debate for me to list them.

    Liam D., there's a scene transition between this difference, so it's not even worth pointing out due to handwaving. Moreover, these kind of mistakes happen a lot more often then any of us think, so I'd rather not start listing them.

  86. episode 18 is really clean..

    only 1 error I found, itune timing, at 16:36 - Fireplace didn't have door, 16:43 - suddenly fireplace has door.

  87. how did I not notice that until now...
    episode 11, itune timing:

    around 4:03 (when it shows 3 tribes facing away from each other).. you can see far left cloud's ropes being too far up, it's hanging up in air.. they disappear when curtain closes.

  88. S02E16:
    02:39: Rainbow Dash calls the book "Daring Do and the Quest for the Sapphire Stone".
    18:49: Twilight Sparkle calls the book "Daring Do and the Quest for the Sapphire Statue".

    Derp. You can't unhear it.

  89. S02E14 - The Last Roundup.

    09:41 - Cherry Jubilee (The Cherry pony). Right after she looks up, says "She's so modest, Anyway..." looks on Applejack and her beauty mark on her left cheek is missing in a frame.

  90. episode 18, itune timing
    5:03 - at that point pinkie look right, blue unicorn "Minuette" has blue teeth.
    5:37 - mane 6 marching, blank flanks in background.
    7:16, 9:09 - Cranky suddenly detached from wagon.
    9:54 - when Pinkie bringing in her "Welcome" wagon, she had blue belt on when walking pass Cranky, after that it's gone.

  91. Updated episode 11, 14, 16 and 18 txt files.

  92. Youtube Timing
    Return Of Harmony 1

    There are some errors which I'm not sure if you could use them in your videos.

    2:24+ -Dash leans down diagonally, but she is ''standing'' straight up in the next shot.
    10:31+ -They skip to her flying in the air, before showing us how she gets off the land first.

    1) Dash seemingly flies off into the distance and yet falls off in almost the exact same spot she started from.
    2) As she flies off she talks to the others despite the fact they would be completely unable to hear her.
    /things which I'm not sure you can use for your mistakes videos.

    Placement errors:
    10:46-11:39 The mane6 are constantly changing formations and pairings.
    10:46 -Twilight is standing with Rarity, but in the next shot she immediately goes in front of Rainbow.(Where's the transition scene...)
    11:05 -Where's Pinkie X Applejack?
    11:15 -Where's Fluttershy X Dash?
    11:24 -Fluttershy & Applejack, Pinkie & Rainbow Dash
    11:32 -Rarity goes away from Twilight and ends up to the left of Dash.
    *11:36 -Rarity X Pinkie...she's lucky that i'm counting those 2 seconds of off-screen time, but she still moves rather fast with the shippings...I'll leave it up to you to decide.

    That's it so far.

  93. Added episode 19 txt file.

    Johnny, placement errors happen all the time, either due to convenience, or because of lack of communication between animators. Even movies can have such mistakes. I might look into the really major ones, but for the most part, they fall under the same column with background pony clones.

  94. Will you be doing a version of your videos without music?

  95. #19, itune timing
    1:54 - I think it's the same train-pulling pony, forever-a-blank-flank?
    3:55 - When Rarity look at checklist. Fluttershy eyes derped, one eye look down, other eye didn't.
    7:10 - look like Fluttershy's leg disjoint or overlapping mane. It didn't have boundary line color.
    13:50 - Fluttershy open and left full door open, next scene, half door open.
    14:20 - Hello Mr. BlankFlank

    Plus I thought I spotted Fluttershy having yellow teeth somewhere, I couldn't find it again.

  96. some more... #19, itune timing
    8:04 - Iron Will always been seen wearing mic on right ear.. these timing he worn it on left ear. (at 19:00 when Iron Will arrived to door, mic disappeared)
    18:57 - Mic on left ear again, 19:00 mic disappear.
    19:04 - Iron Will turn his face, mic disappear.
    19:40 - Just a scene ago white goat was wearing mic on left ear, this scene he has it on right ear.

  97. another, #19, itune timing
    19:58 - bird houses boarded up wrong way / back side (compare it to 18:57)

  98. #19, itune
    3:29 - nerd pony has red spot on flank on that scene, what is it....

    #20 - flawless

  99. Updated txt 19 and added ep. 20 txt.

    Concerning your question Johnny, no, I don't plan on making a music-less version of My Little Bloopers. I get that some people don't like it that way, but some people DO like it. Including me. There's always the mute button.

  100. Someone at ponychan brought this up.
    #20, itune
    7:33 - when twilight begin running with ball and Cerberus, her tail gets green outlines for a second.

  101. In volume 6 YouTube w/n8WZOqbRfqY : during the stained glass segment: at 1:55. Fluttershy is seen smiling, and then frowning 5 seconds later.

  102. Updated txt 20 and added episode 21 txt. Pretty clean episode.

  103. Season 2 episode 7 Youtube timing
    4:48 Fluttershy's wings desync.
    Sorry I didn't catch this earlier ._.

  104. Episode 17 - Hearts and Hooves
    7:50 - 8:30
    For Twilight's entire appearance in this episode she is missing her bottom set of eyelashes. Normally she has 6 lashes (3 on top and 3 on the bottom). This is the only episode where she has only 3 lashes.

  105. On your "the best of a friend in deed" video, Pinkie has 2 manes at 2:13

  106. #22 itune timing
    12:14, 12:25 - Fluttershy flying over dandelions first and second time is blank flank.
    12:37 - Fluttershy's mane disjoint at top
    14:54 - Derpy has new rival, background pony derped eyes.
    15:19 - Twilight moved 4 blues to right, next scene 5th blue magicially moved to right.
    15:51 - horn has horn, 15:57, 20:07, horn has no horn

  107. some more..
    #22 itune timing
    8:37 - Scene with Rainbow Dash saying "We'll be number one!".. her arm moved instantly. That's minor mistake anyway.
    11:58 - Look below Fluttershy's face, mane cut off. Another minor.
    12:01 - Squirrel on left isn't really holding mask right. Mystery floating mask.
    12:39 - Fluttershy tug-o-war with 12 Butterflies, next scene only 5 is seen, other 7 is dead or what?

  108. #23 Youtube timing:
    21:26 Diamond Tiara is standing next to the CMC even though the scene before and after, she was still next to the printing press covered in ink.

  109. The newest episode, season 2 episode 23 at 21:25 you see diamond tiara fall into the ink machine, and then in 21:26 you see her standing in the background behind the cutie mark crusaders, not covered in ink, then again in 21:27 back against the printing press.

    Also, it might not be a mistake but I found it highly illogical.
    at 10:28 you see rainbow dash eat the cucumber, then at 10:33 you see her swallow said cucumber, however at 10:44 you see spike reach into her mouth and pull it out. illogical but I am not sure it counts as a mistake.

  110. Updated txt 18 and 22, and added episode 23 txt.

  111. Episode 20: It's about time
    19:12 - Pink glow's magic cover the scroll
    19:14 - Twilight's horn doesn't glowing...
    Maybe Pinkie is a magical earth pony?
    19:20 - Twilight's horn glows for first time

  112. some more for #22 again, itune timing (I love this episode, rewatching this so much and I continue to find more errors from it)
    6:02 - trainer is blank flank (when we see him second time had cutie mark)
    14:50 - after Spitfire appearance, anemometer mirrored (you can see meter switched side)
    14:56 - look at notebook spike carrying, 1 x mark, 1 check mark, the rest no marking
    16:07 - look at direction anemometer is spinning (turning right this one), 16:46, 16:56, 19:51 spinning left, 17:49, 18:06, 18:57, 19:59, 20:06, 20:09 spinning right
    18:12 - Fluttershy wingless

  113. In episode 22 at 6:03, what the hellovits happened to Fluttershy's face?

    (Youtube timing with this video:

  114. Updated episode 20 and 22 txts. Added episode 24 txt.

    Since the 2 next episodes will be played back-to-back 2 weeks from now, I most likely won't update until late Sunday after they air.

  115. #19 itune timing
    9:05 - one of pony in front (light-purple skin, yellow mane), suddenly mirrored

    I'll get to #23 and #24 in few days.

  116. itune timing:
    episode 22 -
    2:40, 3:12, 3:20 - it's supposed to be night time but at those times, window in background showing


    episode 23 -
    9:12 - almost all ponies here has "surprised" eyes before babies crying.

    episode 24 -
    3:30 - what's with blue line appeared below RD's face?
    9:19 - when twilight move her eyes, her left eye had incorrect layering.

    I can't find anymore, last 2 episodes was almost clean.

  117. Updated episode 19, 22, 23 and 24 txt files.

  118. In the Return of Harmony part 1, look behind Discord's ear as he says "Listen closely, this is important" to Rainbow Dash. You can see part of his sunglasses (which he had just taken off) are still behind the ear.

  119. In episode 14, when Derpy is asking Rainbow Dash if she's ok, she's looking through the hole that she makes later on when she sits down; not the one that Rainbow made when she fell through. Derpy can time travel.....

  120. Episode 25 and 26.. Cadance cutie mark changes often from time to time, you can notice it had different cut shape.

    I'll look for more...

  121. ep 25 3:45 (this is more of a poke fun rather than an error) Do those fillies ever grow up?
    5:40 AJ's crest is shaped really funny. could be error but I am not sure. It's normally thicker when blowing in the wind.
    5:57 rarity's crest is layered kinda funny over her hoof. Her crest normally doesn't go over her front legs like that so i think that's worth pointing out.
    6:03 Aj's foreground back leg is awfully skinny coming into the shot.
    7:03 pegasus guard missing background wing. could be over nitpicky on that one but it's there (or not there)
    7:20 when shining takes off his helment his horn is sticking through to start, when it's off there's no hole. He kinda slides the helmet off so the horn would cut through the helmet. (could be nitpicky on this one but I'd rather there be a hole there. His horn might disappear too but the motion is so fast I can't tell. you could check that for me.)
    7:26 twilight's bangs. they are really really really off. look at how long they are and the split is on the wrong side.
    8:53 Missing uniform.
    18:58 Cadance's ear is too small.
    ep 26 2:55 (or 24:55) eye consistency. One is open one is closed. I think on this one i'm just trying to find anything wrong with the episodes because these are very clean
    8:00 (30:00) Watch aj. Her hat has inconsistency throughout the entire fight scene. She started without a hat right before she threw off the dress then she has a hat, then does, then, doesn't. (oh animators.)
    8:40 (30:40) Aj's freckles are gone.
    38:58 Aj's hat's gone again! did celestia make her take it off? :P
    (also watch during the entire wedding scene celestia's hair flips around backwards in some parts.)
    also at that part rarity's head beads are gone.
    40:42 white and pink unicorn's head bead's are gone.

    that's what I could find. Hope this is good stuff for you to use ^^

  122. Updated Episode 3 txt and added Season Finale txt.

    Sorry for the late update, but it's been quite difficult to focus on getting the frame analysis done on 2 episodes in a row.

    Reminds me of when I tried to do it for the entirety of Season 1. That was boooooooooooring.

    Anyway, with this, we can now only update the txt files. If I do the same for Season 3, it will be on another post.

    Volume 10 of My Little Bloopers should be out around this week-end. The Season 2 Set will not come out until sometime during summer, so this gives us plenty more time to find those pesky mistakes that we so commonly miss the first few times around.

    But remember that only the major mistakes will stick on the Set. Until then, thank you all for help!

  123. 22 - itune
    20:40 - three mistakes in a single frame! RD missing tail

    25 - itune
    0:06/0:58 - is this teapot supposed to be tea or water? either way, content changed in there.
    19:55 - after SA stomp, fluttershy shift down for 1 frame and then back to original spot.

    26 - itune
    7:30 - white bribemaid blank flank
    13:06 - very hard to see but Fluttershy has Rainbow Dash cutie mark.

  124. Updated episode 22 and finale txts.

  125. episode 25, during BBBFF song, when SA salute with other guards, 3 of those guard are alicorn.
    MLP Layout artist words on it:

  126. Episode 25 - right at the beginning of 'This Day', Chrysalis puts a red rose in her hair; however, a few shots later it's suddenly a pinkish-purple rose, and it remains that way for the remainder of the song.

  127. Episode 26:
    10min 09-11sec (ITunes) The frame identification/time stamp visible at the bottom of the image.

  128. Season 2 Episode 25 - At about 3:53 Shining Armor doesn't seem to have his cutie mark.

  129. The pegsi in Hurricane Fluttershy put on their goggles without pulling the straps over their heads.

  130. S02E26: This day aria song, when the fake cadence(chrysalis) said "al mine" The eye in the mirror was closed and her other eye was open

  131. Season 2 Episode 25- min 15:05 Fluttershy doesn't have a body, so she looks a floating head xd

  132. S02E18 A Friend in Deed
    At the very beginning, during Pinkie's performance for the foals, she has two feathers attached to her headband. Then they disappear for almost the entire scene making a comeback in the toy pile.
    It might be the angle, but I still think they should be visible, at least during the "yep yep yep" part.
    Also when she yells "nailed it", those feathers are attached to her mane (bounce along with it), clearly disjointed from the headband.

  133. 2:35 Luna Eclipsed: The wagon's back stick stirrup harness thing isn't connected to anything

    11:18 Family Appreciation Day: Cheerilee's cutie mark is three umbrellas and it changes back and forth a few times

    18:03 Family Appreciation Day: The mud splatters are displaced / appear in front of the lightning

    17:45-17:50 Sweet And Elite: There is invisible space between Rarity's head and mane when she speaks

    21:47 Sweet And Elite: The carrier colt's cheek clips through the bags a few times while talking

    4:12 A Canterlot Wedding Part 2: The rose Chrysalis hovers changes colour when it enters her hair

    5:14 A Canterlot Wedding Part 2: I'm not pointing out what everyone else is about her eye being closed, but the fact that in the mirror her body is facing THE WRONG DIRECTION

    3:29 It's About Time: Twilight's horn is in a really wrong position

    4:52 Hearts and Hooves Day: On the background tree there is a random grey apple

    9:15 Hearts And Hooves Day: The vase randomly leaves the picnic blanket and then returns to its original position

    10:25 The Elements Of Harmony: Rainbow Dash's mane flips out a bit on the side

    I don't know if these have already been posted butI hope I was of help :)

  134. Updated episode 18, 22 and finale txt files.

  135. Episode 22 at 16:17~
    One of pony in blue with raining cloud cutie mark doesn't have flying animation going on.

  136. Episode 3 - 22:02

    I don't know if you can find it but is applejack missing freckles on that frame??

    timing by :

    Episode 26 - 10:53

    AJ is also missing freckles on this frame too.

    Timing By :

  137. This comment has been removed by the author.

  138. Episode 22 - itune timing
    20:15 - before green pony with purple mane lands, it had RD cutie mark.

  139. Episode 25:
    Throughout the beginning, the picnic setup changes multiple times.

  140. I know you haven't done a bloopers in a while, but at around 9:52 in S2E5 Sweetie Belle has extra eyelashes. Normally extra eyelashes stuff is pretty nitpicky, but this one made me double take the first time I saw the episode, since it's during a closeup of Sweetie Belle's face and they're onscreen for almost 3 whole seconds.

  141. Not sure if you got this one already, Season one episode 22. At 8:26 Philomena doesn't have the icepack but a few seconds later she does.

  142. At 1:07 and 1:20 they copied there shapes on My Little Bloopers: Mistakes are FOREVER! Vol.9

  143. don't know if you got this already... but pinkie pie has DOUBLE CUTIE MARKS!!!

  144. ok, so i looked over "a canterlot wedding" and found A TON of mistakes. i don't jave times, but they are fairly accurate. i also have some you caught so ya. plz note these are in order
    1.when all the ponies come up behind Twilight when she says "my brother?" rainbow is a flying statue cept for one frame
    2.invisble words in filly twilight's book
    3. alicorn guards
    4. rd's wing is backwards
    5. while hanging her head out of the window on the train, applejack's crest is not attached to her neck
    6. shining armour dosn't have a hole in his helmet for his horn
    7.(this one might be a little OCD) the "v" in twilights's tail stops moving for the rest of the episode
    8. SA's armour is missing for a scence
    9.a yellow wing shap appears behind Filly Cadence's leg for bout 3 seconds jsut before she "spreads love"
    10. celestia's tail isn't moving seconmd time you see her
    11.(this one is a bit long) drinks follow as twilight:purple Rarity: orange Pinkie: purple Spike: dark purple Applejack: blue Fluttershy: blue Rainbow: purple. next scence, the drinks are too small and are colored incorectly. next sence, AJ and RD's drinks are colored acording to their coat colors. while Twilight is flying off the handle, rarity and fluttershy get dark purple drinks and spike magically gets a hot cocoa
    12.Twilight says "people" instead of "ponies"
    13. luna's tail isn't moving
    14 while talking about how exciting the wedding is, pinkie's mouth moves a whole lotbut she dosn't say a lot
    15. the rose Cadence magics into her hair turns a diffrent color
    16.while running on the gem, good cadence's hooves appear to be too small (least ot me)
    17.when kicking the table, evil cadence's cutie mark is red instead of blue
    18.reaflection is wrong
    19. something appears on the back of twilight's head during the jump out of the minecart
    20. double ears on evil cadence when sh'e walking down the eisle
    21. pinkie is a blank flank when she's firing her cannon
    22. while in the pod thingy, celestia's hair isn't moving
    23. SA's chest guard (which is normaly a silver sheild and harness) is now a blue sash, which is fixed later
    24. sweetie's flour basket is missing

    that's all i found. i looked very closly on both episode. also, in the ending part of season 1 ep.2 celestia's hoof is disjointed

  145. ^ i think we got most of it, you made it hard without timestamp

  146. Did anyone notice differences in animation from season 1 to season 2 ?
    Like the body movement and hair bounceness being exaggerated?
    Or some of the flying poses looking cringe-worthy or the characters moving too fast, or there being some awkward expressions and frames & keyframes that have no business being there?

  147. well, i don't know the exact timing of it, but cheerilee has the wrong cutie mark at certain frames when she goes to see granny smith in the episode family appreciation day

  148. In Hearts and Hooves day At 8:22 Twilight Sparkle pulled out a book. The Elements of Hamony Reference Guide. She was giving the Cutie Mark Crusaders the Elements. According to the last episode of the first season the elements were hidden there.

  149. I apologize for the lack of updates this summer, but I've been working on 2 massive projects simultaneously lately. I've decided to update all 26 links to my notes of this Season, because I've just finished the Information aspect of My Little Bloopers: Season 2 Set.
    Although I might update my notes still, Season 3 will be my focus once it finally premieres.

    As for the Season 2 Set video, it might be ready sometime within the next 2 weeks.

  150. I'm still around, I'll keep eyes for animation errors in S3.

    There's animation error in early Crystal Song teaser -
    1:20, horn not glowing, book glowing
    1:30, horn glowing, book not glowing, it reversed

    but who knows if errors going to be fixed when S3 starts.

  151. Episode 1 list seems to be missing the * notes which seem to refer to what you're actually talking about because they don't say exactly what is wrong:

    *3:32 - JESUS CHRIST HOW HORRIFYING - Salvador Dali Reference (maybe)

    *14:57 - That ought to make a few kids have sleepless nights

    *16:03 - Wierd stuff going on here

    In retropsect, not all of them with *s are like this...

  152. Based on the Season 2 Set Time
    35:07 - Hurricane Fluttershy - The title name. A quotation on one side, but not so much on the other side. Missing another to make the right side a quotation.

  153. I see an error in season 3. At the ending of ballad of the crystal empire song applejack dissapears when Twilight says "This looks amazing! I don't know how I could've done this without you!".

  154. Notice that in Dragonshy, when Pinkie Pie steps out of Sugar Cube Corner, her saddle bag doesn't have anything on it, it's just plain white. ;D